Everything around the corner

This is a place for those looking for a top location and lively neighbourhood, where the boundaries between work and life fade away.
Near the centre of action
Near the centre of action
Entrance gate to the new business district of Nové Nivy. It is here that everything essential will be happening.
Healthy approach
Healthy approach
Cycle to work and head right for the Bike Hub, where you can have coffee with your cycling colleagues, or lunch in the shade of the green atrium’s colonnade.
The best place to work
The best place to work
Everything you need is at hand, and at the same time you have plenty of space to work and grow.
From the very first idea to the last roof screw, the entire APOLLO complex is planned as a place that promotes work productivity.
Inner peace
Inner peace
The green atrium protected from the outside hustle and bustle from all sides is a place for a nourishing break, an informal work brunch, or even a genuine street food experience.

Get to know each other

By: Make architects, London + Siebert Talaš, Bratislava
48 472 m2
GLA for offices
3 647 m2
GLA for retail
Bike Hub
Bicycle café, service, rental, shop
Parking spaces
In the morning you come by bike, which you can park directly under your office. After a refreshing shower you are ready for your work day. Your concentration is not disturbed by anything, you are protected from the pulse of the city. If necessary, you can run all errands here. You are close to the centre of action, and everything important is at hand.
  • Apollo Nivy is the eastern gate of the Nové Nivy district
  • only a 5-minute walk to Nivy Station
  • everything you need is at hand
  • spacious Bike Hub with all a cyclist could need
  • MORE service
If you and your team are fit, your work results are top too.
  • Bike Hub supports a healthy life style and creates ideal conditions for it
  • Origameo consultants will analyse your needs and design a tailored space for you
  • the event space in the spacious lobby and atrium with greenery will ensure your mental peace and relaxation
Apollo Nivy will give you space like nowhere else. Do you want to grow in width, or connect your departments vertically? It is ready to streamline your processes and movement through its space.
  • the largest floorplate in CEE
  • QUBES will adapt space leasing to the life cycle of your company
  • ideal visibility of the building on the main roads of the city

Tailor-made space

The New Apollo and the Workspace as a Service strategy in the unique Nové Nivy zone are the answers to future challenges of work.

We focus not only on the physical working space, but also on the dimension of human experience with the space and everything related to it. Better air, water, lighting conditions, contact with nature, movement support and much more.
More than standard service
Coworking space built on the community
Targeted creation of a working environment that is in symbiosis with employees
Flexible workspace with full service
Team of analysts and workspace designers

Here you go

8th floor
4,524 m2
7th floor
7,498 m2
6th floor
8,272 m2
5th floor
8,272 m2
4th floor
8,272 m2
3rd floor
8,272 m2
2nd floor
8,272 m2
1st floor - Ground floor
7,102 m2
-1st floor
10,683 m2
-2nd floor
10,683 m2
-3rd floor
10,683 m2
Terrace 6th floor 5th floor 4th floor 3rd floor 2nd floor 1st floor Ground floor -1st floor -2nd floor -3rd floor

Leasing Opportunities

Traditional Leasing

A well-known standard form of renting work space for large companies looking for their own space. Its uniqueness within the Nové Nivy environment lies in the strong business ecosystem this zone offers. In addition, the largest floorplate in CEE provides space and options like no other building.


An exceptional solution for medium-sized companies or project teams, a flexible space with full service. A service that combines short-term rental, customisable and scalable space with the possibility of immediate expansion. It includes customisable mix-and-match service packages in the form of plug-ins. This care-free service brings companies a fourth dimension – time for people and business growth.


Quality guarantee certificate

The BREEAM certification of buildings is the most advanced global ranking system of planned projects, infrastructure and buildings in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.

It is assessed in categories such as new construction, modernisation and building in use.
Our goal is to redefine business culture and ways of working through our unique workspace solutions that have a real potential to bring people new work quality and experience.

The goal of the implementation of our corporate Workspace as a Service strategy in the Nové Nivy zone is to provide a workspace as a service with everything that belongs to it. We are no longer just a real estate developer.

We provide workspaces with services that increase productivity and focus on people’s needs, allowing your business to grow.